Supply Planner - Wine

Overview of role
Working within the Supply Chain Team reporting to the Supply Planner Supervisor this role will be an
integral part in planning the replenishment of Wine from throughout the New World.
The role will focus on ensuring we are working strategically with a growing Wine portfolio of New
World suppliers & SKU’s to provide optimum stock availability & efficient replenishment to help deliver
and enhance the planning function to best service our customers requirements by sales channel. This
role needs to work well within a team and would benefit from having previous supervisory or
managerial skills.
This position will also be directly responsible for a portfolio of SKU’s which will entail the stock
management of a range of products specific to one or more categories, including, but not limited to:
stock availability, optimum stock level, purchasing, shipping, logistics and invoice validation for the
products distributed via the Enotria House Depot in Park Royal. Each member of the team assumes
specific responsibility for a range of suppliers.
The role will work mainly with suppliers, Goods in team, UK warehouse/ transporters and the Buying
team. Effective comms out to other teams like Sales in the business is also essential
Duties & responsibilities
• Review and monitor sales and stock information on allocated products and with input from
other departments such as Buying, Sales and Marketing.
• Work with the Demand Controller, and Sales Teams to forecast future demand on a rolling
basis to accommodate the lead-time and economical order quantity, as well as other factors
for the range and as part of the S&OP process.
• Work closely with our hauliers to ensure that stock is being collected on time and at the
agreed rates that have been previously agreed. Ability to use initiative to shop around where
possible is key
• Place purchase orders using those forecasts and internal planning tools, at the appropriate
time and in the most economic order quantity.
• Work with power BI to monitor availability of skus based on KPI’s set by the Supply Chain
• Provide and assist in achieving monthly, quarterly and annual stock targets, which are based
around inventory level in days of stock and availability.

Minimise the amount of overstock and slow moving stock by working closely with producers
and the Buying team as part of the wider S&OP process.
• Expedite/ monitor all European orders so they arrive on time and in full and manage suppliers
who fail to comply with that principle and/or the correct presentation of loads.
• Chase all appropriate documents (invoices/import docs etc) and attach to the PO within the
ERP system to ensure that all parties such as finance and warehouse have what they require
to effectively close invoices/orders off on arrival
• Establish and maintain effective communication and good relationships with all suppliers and
• Perform all prechecks on orders before they land such as vintage changes to avoid any delay
in put away once stock arrives to the warehouse
• Check and authorise all invoices for goods and services (freight) relating to products supplied
to the Park Royal warehouse, and deal with any requests for credit/debit which may arise.
• Monitor all pack size, vintage and label changes and inform all interested parties of the
current stock position and outstanding orders on a regular basis. This includes:
➢ daily communication with the customer services and marketing departments
➢ providing specific stock information when requested to do so by the sales team, sales
administration team and the marketing department
➢ daily update of product messages on the system
➢ weekly issue of a report on outstanding orders
• Maintain Item Data such as Lifecycle status, categories and dates on orders

Full spec:

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