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Sensory & Innovation Scientist – London

We are looking for a Sensory and Innovation Scientist to join the Quality team! The ideal candidate will be the Lead of the Sensory Program, responsible for the routine and advanced tasting sessions and for developing creative ways to involve and train people across the business.
You will supporting the R&D Technical Brewing Manager or relevant departmental managers in production trials and with the rest of the Quality Team in the commissioning of new equipment and advanced analytical techniques, cross-linking sensory and analytical results.
You will also lead EPD and NPD projects in the Quality and Production department where appointed.
Sensory and Innovation Champion in the development of new methods with an environmental-focused approach and by leading Beavertown to a more sustainable future.


  • Lead the sensory program (bright beer sign-offs, shelf-life tasting, raw material) and develop new sensory approaches to improve the quality of the products.
  • Project management: collaborating with the R&D Technical Brewing Manager or relevant departmental managers in production trials and with the rest of the Quality Team in all relevant projects.
  • Create and present projects findings with the purpose of building a skill library and sharing knowledge within the business and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Responsible for the Sensory budget and Project budget if assigned Project Lead function.
  • Lead organisers of internal and external training sessions: plan and conduct brand and induction training to new starters; organise recurrent external trainings.
  • Be the Sensory champion across the business, leading sensory workshops and developing new and creative tools to improve attendance and performance.
  • Develop tools to report on progression of trainees, as well as company as a whole.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key collaborators internally and externally (suppliers, partners, customers).
  • Support the Quality Manager and Ops Director in all relevant subjects related to the Department and overall Quality/Production strategy.
  • Lead quality representative in key EPDs and NPDs through interdepartmental project collaborations: business case, PDCA/SDCA, data collection and management.
  • Development of novel analytical approaches of characterisation of raw materials, beer and new beverage products, working together with the rest of the Quality team in the integration and implementation of new and existing lab methods.
  • Contribute to concept and execution of new projects within all production departments including Brewing, Packaging, WWTP and R&D Brewing systems.
  • Cross-link sensory and analytical tools in the experimental and executive phases of all relevant projects.
  • Act as a bridge between Production and non-Ops departments, bringing together concept and realisation in innovative ways.
  • Lead the change towards a Green Brewery: reduction and reuse of consumables, solvents and other material; use of renewable energy and reduction of waste and effluents.
  • Collaborating with the SHE-Compliance department in the development of sustainable approaches across the business and external suppliers.
  • Continuous improvement of data management and support the Sensory program and the Quality team with the development of efficient data management resources.
  • Lead implementation of LIMS in Quality Department and its integration into Production systems.
  • Collaborate with the Quality team in the commissioning of new instruments and methods.
  • Write, develop and implement relevant documents – SOPs, OPL, Training plans, etc.
  • Management of the Sensory rooms, Beer Library and all related areas.


  • PhD or at least master’s degree in Brewing Science, Biology, Chemistry, or another relevant field; or relevant area experience.
  • At least 3 years’ experience as a member/lead in adequate research fields, academic or industrial.
  • Assertiveness – confident to challenge the way things are done.
  • GC-MS and HPLC experience, Advance Beer and Hops Analysis.
  • NPD (New Product Development) or EPD (Existing Product Development) project management experience.
  • Reporting, Advance data base management and coding skills.
  • Knowledge of Lab and QA&QC systems (LIMS).
  • Knowledge of MS-365.
  • Able to manage time efficiently.
  • GMP, HACCP, ISO, BPI or Salsa Accreditation experience and Systems Implementation experience.
  • Understanding of Brewery Operations as whole.
  • Positive and proactive attitude.
  • Demonstrate a passion for the industry and Beavertown brand!

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If you’re interested, please send your CV, salary, expectations, notice period and a little bit about why you think you’re suitable for the role to: [email protected]

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